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  • A landfill bringing Iraqis together, one garbage truck at a time

    Many people probably never ask themselves where all the garbage in a city like Erbil ends up. Since there is no power or recycling plant to take care of it, it gets collected and ends up on a fairly big landfill just outside of Kurdistan’s capital. When my colleague Florian Neuhof recently told me about […]

  • Lalish – Yazidis’ home

    I recently visited Lalish, the center of the Yazidi religion that came to fame after the Islamic state persecuted the approximately 650.000 members of this ancient religion in Iraq. Lalish can be easily visited from Duhok with a taxi, it takes about 30 to 40 minutes to get there. The valley is especially beautiful and […]

  • German Army training the Peshmerga in the Kurdistan Training Coordination Center

    Today I visited the German army a second time in the Zeravani compound east of Erbil to do an update about the training they do for the Peshmerga. I visited them the first time last year around this month. The German army press spokesperson says that they have stepped up the limit of German forces […]

  • A visit to Halabja

    Today I visited the city of Halabja in Kurdistan, Iraq. A city that came to unexpected fame on March 16th 1988, when it was heavily gassed with chemical agents by the Iraqi air force. Approximately up to 5000 Kurdish people died in the attack. In 2016, the city remains a conservative PUK stronghold merely 10 […]

  • The War Zone Freelance Exhibition in Berlin

    On March 18, my friends and colleagues over at the War Zone Freelance Exhibition opened their newest exhibition in the venues of the Sprechsaal in Berlin, Germany. They show the work they have done over the years from countries like Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, or Jordan. The exhibition also includes various footage from their journeys and […]