Oscar Niemeyer Fair in Tripoli, Lebanon

Last weekend I visited Tripoli in Northern Lebanon again, this time to take a full afternoon and admire the beauty of Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer’s legacy in Lebanon. Niemeyer built a fair for the city, and construction was about to be finished within the next years, when the civil war in Lebanon started and halted any further progress. Today, about 15 buildings are still standing.

Tripoli, Lebanon

Tripoli, or “Trablus” in Arabic, is my favourite city in Lebanon. It is the only city in this country that has a proper souk, people speak Arabic without using French or English at the same time and it’s a much more genuine and authentic city than for example Beirut. You can get amazing food for very affordable prices and the old city is very beautiful, and similar to Syrian cities like Aleppo. Don’t miss the big mosque of Tripoli, the Mansouri mosque, or the Hamams in this city, that are being renovated at the moment. One Hamam is still functional …